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Improved Cookstove



Bullet Proof 50 BMG Gasification Rocket Stoves and Emergency Heaters

If and when power goes out, are you prepared to heat and cook by alternative methods?

What is Wood Gasification?  When wood is heated or burned, gases are released.  In a Gasification Stove, the unburned gases are remixed with superheated air to burn these gases.  The flame burns hotter, uses less fuel, and burns cleaner.

The 50 BMG Gravity Feed Rocket Stove Heater is light enough to transport with the built in carry handle, and yet made from heavy duty 7 gauge steel thickness.  This stove can cook while tailgating, camping, cabins, hunting, fishing or even ice fishing. The heat output of this rocket stove can easily cook for a large family or group and easily pack up and take with you.  Recent disasters from hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and power outages have shown us supplies become in short supply quickly.  When disaster strikes and you are left without a way to keep your family warm and cook for your family you are putting your family at risk.

Built to last your lifetime and your children’s.  This stove is heavy duty.  Can easily convert from a cooking stove to an emergency heater with proper venting and piping.  Can be used to heat a tent or small cabin with additionally acquired 4 inch wood stove pipe.


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